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so I'm not really a hockey stats guy (and let's be honest. I only really give a fuck about pitching stats in baseball. The rest? Ehhhhhh). But. Holy shit at this:
Johan Hedberg blanked the Senators in Ottawa Tuesday, becoming the first Devils goalie other than Martin Brodeur (12) to record four shutouts in a season, this in just 26 appearances. Hedberg also tied Chris Terreri for second place in all-time Devils shutouts with seven, behind Brodeur’s 118. ...
Think about that. Moose and some other dude are tied for #2. with 7 shutouts.

Martin fucking Brodeur? as #1? Has 118 shutouts.

Craaaaaaaaazzzzzy fucking shit.

Oh and the fact that this is Moose's first season of having 4 shutouts. Whereas this is, you know, just like Marty Brodeur's 12th fucking season of having 4(+) shutouts.


I mean, I take Marty for granted as a man and as a goalie and as a leader. And much like how I took Stevens, Daneyko & Brylin for granted (Sergei should've been our #3 number retired, but I will never say no to Scott Neidermayer) there will come a day when I am screaming at a shitty rookie goalie (just like I scream at our shitty rookie d-man (boy) Adam Larsson) and I will think back and say I am sorry to the memory of Marty all those times I complained that he got in the way of my camera when I was trying to take pictures of someone else.

This has been your random 2 AM "RAVENSGURL211 Also Thought She Saw A Ghost So Now She's Back Online When She Should Be Asleep But Is Now Terrified, So Let's Talk About Hockey" hockey update! (tm?)

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