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day 01| belief specific to your childhood
day 02| how you feel about god and religion
day 03| five concerts you wish you attended
day 04| four moments that changed your life
day 05| something that makes you smile
day 06| someone that makes you really happy
day 07| something that turns you on
day 08| favorite fruit
day 09| something you’re looking forward to
day 10| something you want to improve in your life
day 11| a non-academic book you plan to read in the next month
day 12| favorite article of clothing
day 13| a song to describe the weather or your current mood
day 14| favorite book you’ve read academically
day 15| a movie that makes you cry
day 16| something you’ve been putting off— and do it
day 17| a question you hate to be asked
day 18| describe a daily ritual
day 19| ten things you love about your body
day 20| pick something indulgent and treat yourself
day 21| describe your sleeping arrangements: bedding, stuffed animals, whatever
day 22| catharsis time— let something or someone go
day 23| something irrational that you think or do
day 24| pick an album and do nothing but listen to it- no multitasking allowed.
day 25| tell someone something you wouldn’t ordinarily share
day 26| put something in every single formspring/ask on your dashboard
day 27| bake something and share it
day 28| call a grandparent or relative that isn’t expecting your voice
day 29| write a haiku or make a friendship bracelet or start a creative endeavor
day 30| reward yourself with something frivolous.
day 31| jump on a tumblr bandwagon just for today
day 32| photo of yourself at least ten years ago
day 33| list three things you want out of life that you are currently working towards
day 34| most current photo not taken on webcam (play around and dress up if you want!)
day 35| photo of your favorite body part
day 36| photo of one of your scars
day 37| take a flattering photo focusing on something you don’t feel is flattering.
day 38| list five things you’ve lost and wonder where they might be
day 39| most stimulating thing you’ve learned this week
day 40| a question about the world that you can’t figure out
day 41| favorite word
day 42| describe your best friend (or friends)
day 43| if you could tell your seven year old self anything, what would it be?
day 44| kill, bang, marry, chill of your choice
day 45| have you any superstitions?

day 09| something you’re looking forward to

I want to get this one in before tomorrow (tomorrow is my real D-Day). I really don't have that much to look forward to this summer, which would be "awesome" and "relaxing" except, I always have the bug inside of me that wants to be doing things and have things figured out and a set list of shit to do rather then general crap. I think normal people call it "anal" though. And not the fun kind either. Anyway, things that I am looking forward to; Ami's wedding in June - the Rufus Wainwright concert in July with Joe - and trying to weasel out of doing another summer trip with my aunt (she wants to go to Baltimore. This, the same woman who said: "Woah, there sure are a lot of black people around here. Are the doors locked?" when we drove through Camden on the way to Philly. Ugh. Seriously? Yes.)

Oh by the way since I am no longer paying attention to the NHL -- the Czech team won the 2010 IIHF ice hockey world championship -- beating Russia. I am pleased.
Tomas Vokoun is, at 33, and as an established NHL goalie, one of the leaders on the Czech team. After the semi-final, the team stood on the blueline, arms around each others’ shoulders, singing the national anthem, then resuming the jumping and hugging they had done for five minutes right after the buzzer. Jaromir Jagr said that he was especially happy for the young players on the team.

“Our team spirit is unbelievable. I’m in the same boat with (Jagr) and I don’t know if I’m going to get another chance like this, probably not, but we have a dozen rookies in the tournament, and some of them wouldn’t even be here had more NHLers joined the team. They deserve this. They prove it on the ice night after night,” Vokoun says.

The Karlovy Vary native is also making sure he appreciates all the good things while they happen. And he’s having a time of his life.

“The older you get, the more you enjoy these tournaments, and the team life. I won the world championship once, but it was a stressful time and I didn’t enjoy it. This time I do,” he says.
He is an established NHL goalie, no matter what the Florida fucking Panthers might say or do. And from this article:
“We knew this is the last game of the year. Coming into the tournament, if I had one wish, it would be to win my last game in a Czech uniform. This is probably my last game. This is a great moment for me and an unbelievable moment for all the guys in the locker room. We were doubted from the beginning to the end. Now, nobody can doubt us.”

The Czechs, who had just four NHL players compared to 14 for the record 25-time world champs Russia, faced plenty of do-or-die situations coming into Sunday’s final in Cologne
<3 <3 <3 <3

Oh, PS: One of my very good friends thinks she might have a tumor (and no, it's not just you, Ami), so if you do so, please pray for her and all that stuff that it's something easy, breezy, beautiful and treatable if it is a tumor. =/

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