Florida would also be making a risky move. If they are still in the playoff race, the No. 1 job would go to 2009 free agent signee Scott Clemmensen, who in nine games has a 4.01 GAA and .880 save percentage.

Nevertheless, while he may be more famous lately for taking teammate Keith Ballard's home run swing to his head, the gifted Vokoun would be an impact addition for a contending team. Vokoun's .923 save percentage is fourth among No. 1 goaltenders this season.
You are all fucking idiots, Florida, but what do I expect from a state like Florida?
Just because two men are of the same background (Japanese in this case) does not mean that they are BFFE nor would they want to play on the same team. I don't know what you heard, but Seattle has been shit for years, and, yes, Ichiro is the lone bright spot in an otherwords dreary and depressing city team -- but for christsakes -- that does not mean Matsui would want to trade away everything here in New York to play for the Mariners because they are both Japanese. In fact, while both men are polite and nice about each other in the media, from everything I've read -- neither man actually likes the other. So, please, shut the fuck up Tim McCarver.

Doubts Ron Darling would be any smarter at this point.
okay. first: I have a lesson plan due in 2 hours (and I'm making good time thankfully). And I experienced my first tailgate & my first Bruce Springsteen concert (and I always mocked those people who go and see him all the time -- because shit man I've seen all his live shit too and why would I want to go to Giants Stadium and freeze my ass off? Trust me. I was converted by the end of the night). But. But. And I will discuss further in detail when I have some fucking time to myself. Next Tuesday. But. But. But.
Brendan Shanahan, Devils part unexpectedly

23 minutes ago

NEWARK, N.J. (AP)—Veteran forward Brendan Shanahan(notes) and the New Jersey Devils have parted way less than two days before the start of the NHL season.

Shanahan issued a statement on Thursday that the separation was mutually agreed upon and was amicable.

The 40-year-old said that he and Devils president Lou Lamoriello agreed when he signed last year that if he were unable to compete and contribute at the level he expect of himself, he would step aside.

Shanahan also noted that the Devils have several young forward ready to play for the team now.

Shanahan plans to spend the next couple of weeks with his family discussing his future. He has scored 656 goals and played in 1,524 career NHL games with the Devils, Blues, Hartford Whalers, Red Wings and Rangers.
Google News Alert for: Jeff Weaver
Is pot right for Napa?
Napa Valley Register
JL Sousa/Register photos | Buy photos Sebastopol Police Chief

Jeff Weaver discusses the Peace in Medicine Healing Center in his community which sells medical marijuana. There has be relatively little criminal activity at the facility. As Napa officials are looking wheather to allow a cannabis dispensary in Napa, they are studying how Sebastopol has fared with its clinic.

There is another Jeff Weaver who is a police chief. Obviously. But, still. Still!
So, you may have heard that David Wright suffered a concussion this weekend after being beaned in the head with a ball. Usually this is where I have a link or photo link of some sort -- but, yeah. So far I've been good with not seeing it (my cable was out for 2 days) in anything but pictures and that's the way I want to keep it. Well, of course, you know that something like this would catch my attention. Not only because there are moments (fleeting moments) where I understand why so many girls fangirl over D. Wright -- but because of the concussion part. I was so worried for him, not because his brains have been permentaly damanged --- but because he plays for the mother fuckijng Mets - who as you've heard me bitch for a year and a half now -- constantly found new ways to fuck Ryan Church up after his concussion through such means as not shutting him down after getting two within a span of a week (not good) or putting him on a plane ..... to Colorado..... and then bitching when he gets so sick he pukes and is light headed. No shit.

So, with all that as context for those of you who weren't privy to my bitching .... let me tell you -- I almost threw my fist through the wall this morning while reading the morning paper during breakfast.
They didn’t put Wright on the DL. They didn’t call up a player to take his place. They did take on the Giants with 23 available men – Alex Cora was out with a hand injury – after their manager, Jerry Manuel, said he wanted to give Wright “every benefit of the doubt.”

The same benefit of the doubt the Mets gave Ryan Church last year while imperiling his career.

Manuel used a pregame news conference to give the not-so-dearly-departed Church some deferred parting gifts, and to remind his audience that “some people like to get back in there.”

The tone of the questioning by semi-incredulous reporters likely made its way upstairs, and voila, five hours later, the Mets dispatched Omar Minaya to announce Wright had been placed on the 15-day DL after team doctors conferred with a mystery specialist in a conversation that likely went like this:

Doctors: Do you think we should put our third baseman on the DL?

Specialist: You’re kidding me, right? Aren’t you guys watching the same SportsCenter highlights I’m watching?

The sight of Matt Cain’s fastball exploding against Wright’s helmet was the most disturbing Mets scene since Roger Clemens crashed his own vile heat against Mike Piazza’s skull. There should’ve been no delay here. No discussion. No debate.

The choice should’ve been clear the very second the diagnosis was in. Only it wasn’t.

“Let’s just say we take the route of the disabled list,” Manuel said before Sunday’s 3-2 victory, “which could be a safe route, but you have a guy that wants to get back at the plate.”

A guy like David Wright and, apparently, Jerry Manuel, who told of the time he was “hit in the head” and “knocked out” in Class AAA ball. “The whole thing with me was, ‘I’ve got to get back to the plate,’” Manuel said.

No, this conversation wasn’t heading for a happy ending. So with columnists loading up in the press box, aiming their laptops toward the easiest of targets, the story changed the way most Mets stories do.

A nervous Minaya appeared in the postgame interview room with two marching orders:

1) Keep it simple.

2) While keeping it simple, don’t even think of saying the words Adam Rubin.

Actually, Minaya was given a third play to run. He needed to emphasize that Wright was pressing to remain on the active roster, and that the Mets chose a player’s well-being over their own game-day designs.

“He really wants to be out there with the guys,” Minaya said, “and we decided to take it away from him….He tried to fight me. He said, ‘Come on, man, I want to play. Give me a chance.’…I said, ‘David, no, we’re not going to let you do that.’”

So the franchise was saving the face of the franchise from himself, a curveball on a fastball count. If the Mets don’t lead the league in anything else, they’re the reigning champions of rushing injured players out of the tub.


The Mets are in dire need of outside medical opinions like the one they solicited from the specialist they refused to identify. In case the team needs a quick concussion refresher, it should check with the good people at the Mayo Clinic, who define such injuries as those that “temporarily interfere with the way your brain works. They can affect memory, judgment, reflexes, speech, balance and coordination.”

Every concussion, according to the Mayo Clinic, “no matter how mild, injures your brain.”

So David Wright -- team spokesman, clubhouse leader, All-Star third baseman – has an injured brain. Not a calf, or a quad, or an ankle, or a hamstring.

A brain.

The Mets apparently haven’t done much homework since Church injured his.

“I think when it was going on we talked about it,” Manuel said, “but in going forward we never had any session on what to look for or what might be different.”

All in all, Manuel showed bad form when he used his pregame forum to compare Church unfavorably to Wright. The manager said Wright “is made up a little different than, say, Ryan Church.”

If Manuel wasn’t trying to belittle Church, never one of his favorites, he had the funniest way of showing it.

“I would have to go back and say that, as [Church] was saying that he wanted to play,” Manuel said, “there was still some complaints about other things. Those other things are kind of what made it difficult.

“Some people can say, ‘I want to play, but I’m a little queasy.’ You can say, ‘Well, you don’t really, you can’t play.’…I think with Ryan there was always something thrown from left field – we needed to check that. And that made it somewhat difficult to evaluate that particular situation.”

Church could’ve performed better as a Met. But by treating his two concussions as mild head colds, putting him in the outfield and flying him all over creation, the Mets wronged Church far more than Church wronged them.

On Sunday, Wright was dealing with headaches and other post-concussion symptoms after his release from an overnight stay at the Hospital for Special Surgery. The Mets won a ballgame without him, then did the right thing by putting the last star standing on the DL.

Too bad their first instinct didn’t look as good in the box score.

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My mother, who knows that I practice at the feet of the Tao Of Nowinski, had the response of: "Well, this is why you are a Yankees fan" when I was telling her all of this. Which, while comforting ... isn't really as helpful as one would think -- because I don't trust the Yankees to be that much better at something like this either (even though when Damon got his Yankees!concussion (different, thank god than the one he suffered as a Red Sox), the Yankees didn't pussy foot around and put him on the 15-day DL. Of course, that's assuming two weeks and a day is enough time to keep the swelling down enough).

In conclusion, I miss the days when I could make fun of Eric Lindros and not feel any consquences (which is not to say that I still don't -- because I do, it brings great joy to my black little heart -- but sometimes I do feel bad when I think about everything he's lost from his 15 concussions).
I was going to write "newvers" but that doesn't even make sense now with some sleep in me.


The amusing part of the article though: He communicates frequently with big brother Jeff Weaver, the Dodgers right-hander who is always available for advice and encouragement.

"I talked to him the other day," Jered said. "We had a long conversation. He's been through a lot of ups and downs in his career, and it's always good to get his view of things. Now it's just a matter of going out and doing the job."

AKA: He's used to failure, whereas I am not because I am the golden child Weaver. But, seriously, apparently Jered thinks he might have a dead arm. Why do I love pitchers so much when I know they deteriorate faster than others? Is it because of that???

And then in Jeff Weaver news that might also interest [ profile] noword4it: Apparently Jeff liked George Sherrill. I mean, I'm constantly shocked when Jeff talks about liking people because I tend to think of him as Kid Kash-esq in my head in the grumpy "fuck all of you" sort of way.
As a college senior at Austin Peay in Tennessee, Sherrill one day slipped on the front porch of his apartment. His left arm went through a window, leaving him with a sizable laceration.

"I don't know if I was going to get drafted," Sherrill said, "but that was the nail in the coffin."
...... That is pretty awesome. Only because he obviously was still amazing enough to get a job. Even if it was for Baltimore.
Sherrill became an All-Star closer in Baltimore and was nicknamed "The Brim Reaper" by then-teammate Kevin Millar because of his habit of wearing his hat with a flat bill. Sherrill trademarked the nickname last winter.
Oh Kevin Millar, let's get fucking married.

Speaking of Millar, and the last Weaver brother (or "lost" Weaver brother as the case may be): Bronson Arroyo is in the news. Why, you may ask? Because he wants you to know, before you ask, that he might have done some amphetamines in 2003-2004 around the time Papi's test supposedly came back negative. On one hand, I'm glad he said it before they found out the hard way, but on the other hand -- whhhy draw attention to yourself! Ha. I don't know, that's just me though.
"Before 2004, none of us paid any attention to anything we took," he said, according to the Herald. "Now they don't want us to take anything unless it's approved. But back then, who knows what was in stuff? The FDA wasn't regulating stuff, not unless it was killing people or people were dying from it."

Arroyo said he started taking taking andro after 1998, after a season with the Pirates' Double-A affiliate. "Andro made me feel great, I felt like a monster. I felt like I could jump and hit my head on the basketball rim," he said, according to the report.

Arroyo said he is happy the game now has mandatory drug testing, according to the Herald.

"I feel like the game's getting cleared up," he said, according to the report. "Personally, I don't care what people think about what I did. I do what I do."
Caps lock rage here: here )

I was so pissed, I didn't even turn on the caps lock, I pretty much kept a finger on the shift button and angrily typed. For those of you who are to afraid to read what could piss me off in ways that MSU couldn't --

Mets trade OF Church to Braves for OF Francoeur

11 mins ago

I've got nothing left but sadness. Pure cocaine sadness. My only consolation is that now that he's in Atlanta, he'll be closer to Frank Wycheck and to Chris Nowinski's Altlanta offices? Right? Right??? I need some sort of bright spot and so be it if it has to be a concussion bright spot...

edit @ 8 PM I am a bit better now. Not really, I think I've just turned into a "la la la I'm not watching the Mets game, so I'm not SEEING it" usual. So. Frenchie is 25. Ryan Church is 30. Fine. Frenchie is younger. However, Carlos #2: Delgado Special is 37. Carlos Special #1: Beltran is 32. Fine, I'll give you Carlos Beltran -- but, come on now. Delgado is getting older, he's gotten slower and while he's not exactly Paul O'Neill-ing it out there, he's been crap since the Mets got him and the only reason he had a little bit of accomplishment as a Met was because he had Shawn Green with him for those two (glorious for my ovaries, not glorious as a baseball fan) season.
Rangers trade Gomez to Canadiens in 6-player deal
By IRA PODELL, AP Hockey Writer 7 hours, 33 minutes ago

omfglink )

My mom called me at WORK. That's how serious (and how well she knows me) this is. I mean. When he was playing for that shitty team in that shitty arena, at least he was still on the nightly news? Actually more than when he was on the Devils because while the local news channels hate and do not understand hockey -- they all still secretly pine for the Rangers to win the Cup again -- even though the Devils have done in twice in the past 10 years and got pretty much shit from said news channels. Oh, my soul.
Hello everybody. David Cone will be with us at about 8pm. Until then, please send in your questions.
Hi everybody. David Cone here. Let's get started.
[Comment From Stanley]
What do you think? Was Swisher out at first on that bunt?
No Youkilis missed the bag. He was safe.
cut cut cut )
May 23, 2009:
Holik hanging up his skates

After 18 seasons in the NHL, including 11 with the Devils, Bobby Holik is retiring.

Holik said today that his decision has nothing to do with the back injury that bothered him near the end of the playoffs. In fact, he said made up his mind that this would be his final season before the playoffs even began.

"My back is fine," he said today from his home in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. "That's completely taken care of and healed. It has nothing to do with my back. I actually made the decision during the course of the season, a while ago, just strictly because of my family. That was the main reason, just being here every day with them. And another thing I was looking at was that I don't have to retire. So, it's the perfect time to do it.

"I feel fortunate, so it's the perfect time to do. But my main reason was my wife (Renee) and my daughter (Hannah). I just wanted to be home. It was just time."

He said called Devils general manager Lou Lamoriello a couple of weeks ago to inform him of his decision.

"I have a lot of respect for him, so I wanted to tell him myself before anybody else knew," he said.

Holik, 38, finishes his NHL career with 326 goals, 421 assists and 1,423 penalty minutes in 1,314 NHL games. His 202 goals as a Devil (in 786 games) rank as the third most in team history behind Patrik Elias' 295 and John MacLean's 347.

Holik won Stanley Cups with the Devils in 1995 and 2000, but left New Jersey after the 2001-02 season to sign a five-year, $45 million contract with the rival Rangers as an unrestricted free agent. After the Rangers bought him out of the remaining two years on his contract following the 2004-05 NHL, he played three seasons in Atlanta. He signed a one-year. $2.5 million contract to rejoin the Devils last summer.

He admitted that being away from his daughter and wife was more difficult this past season than in previous ones.

"Yeah, it was," he said. "My daughter is in school here (in Wyoming) because towards the end of a player's career, you kind of hop around a little bit. Plus, she's very involved with the horses and all of that, so it's not an easy thing to just move around, pick up and go anywhere you wanted. So, we made a decision that she needed to stay home the last couple of years. And, do you know what? If they were living in New Jersey with me, I don't think the decision would be any different.

"Just with the every day grind of the season and all of that, not physically, but mentally, I'm ready to go. I'm ready to leave."

Holik had four goals and five assists in 62 games with the Devils in 2008-09. He missed 18 games after fracturing his pinky on Oct. 18 in Washington. He then was healthy scratch for the last two games of the regular season and four of the team's seven playoff games.

Still, he says he has no regrets about returning to New Jersey or any other decisions he's made in his career.

"People have asked me that because I have made some decisions in my career that a lot of people have questioned," he said. "I never have regrets looking back on any of my decisions in my career. It's been great."

Holik left Czechoslovakia 19 years ago after being drafted 10th overall by the Hartford Whalers in 1989. He was traded to the Devils along with a second-round draft pick in the 1993 draft (which became Jay Pandolfo) and future considerations for goaltender Sean Burke and defenseman Eric Weinrich on Aug. 28, 1992.

Holik said winning the Stanley Cup twice were among the biggest accomplishments of his career, but there was more to it than that.

"It was great. No doubt about it," he said. "It was the only time I felt like, 'Wow. We accomplished something.' But my best memories are of playing the game, practicing. My memories are of competing. Everyone always thinks it's about the glamour or the glory. So, no matter how successful you are, it's such a few moments that if that's what you're do it for, then you're not happy. From my own experience, I was very happy to be a hockey player because I enjoyed practicing. I enjoyed playing the game.

"It's a game and sometimes in the locker room, off the ice, with all the travel, maybe I didn't come across as the happiest man. But when I was on the ice -- when I stepped on the ice for practice or games -- I was like a kid. Maybe I didn't play that way, but, boy, that's what I remember. Walking out of the locker room and taking that first stride, it was like, 'Wow. This is fun' every single day no matter how bad the team was that I played for."

Posted on May 23, 2009 at 02:38 PM | Permalink
Dodgers' 12th home win ties MLB mark
Weaver allows one run in five innings in first start since '07
By Ken Gurnick /
05/06/09 2:17 AM ET

LOS ANGELES -- With a dreadlocked left fielder hustling on the bases, a second baseman who channels Jackie Robinson and a starting pitcher who leaves tickets for a 1970s rock star, the Dodgers Tuesday night reached a milestone even an old-school Ty Cobb could appreciate.

A 3-1 win over the D-backs gave the Dodgers their 12th consecutive victory at home to start a season, matching the modern-day record of Cobb's 1911 Detroit Tigers. It was the Dodgers' sixth consecutive win overall.

The tone of the game was pretty well set in the first inning, when Dodgers second baseman Orlando Hudson made the first of two spectacular diving catches to prevent Arizona from scoring in the top of the first, then triggered the rally for all of the Dodgers' runs in the bottom of the inning with a flare double.

"I closed my eyes and Jackie Robinson carried me to the ball," the three-time Gold Glove winner said.

Makes sense to Jeff Weaver, who took another step on his comeback-of-the-year journey with a triumphant return to the Dodgers' starting rotation. Making his first Major League start since 2007 and first for the Dodgers since 2005, he allowed one run on a wild pitch, lasted five innings while striking out six and walking only one.

"He gave us everything we could have expected or wanted," manager Joe Torre said. "We gave them a couple extra outs and he pitched around that. He couldn't have been better than he was."

It was like old times for Weaver, who won 27 games for the Dodgers from 2004-05.

"I finally had a pass list again," said Weaver, the Southern California native who spent all last year and the beginning of this year in the Minor Leagues. "I had a handful of people show up and share it with me. My parents, a couple buddies, my wife and Gary Wright. You know who he is?"

Wright sang the 1976 hit "Dream Weaver," not only on the platinum album but at Weaver's wedding.

"We met when I was pitching in Detroit, we kept in touch and he sang at my wedding," Weaver said. "He came to show support."

Weaver had just enough support in the field. There was Hudson's first catch racing out to right field on Mark Reynolds' popup to end the first inning with a runner on second base, another diving web gem toward shallow center field off the bat of opposing pitcher Max Scherzer with runners on the corners to end the fourth inning.

"I didn't think he had a prayer on either one," Torre said.

And there was barely enough offense in the bottom of the first inning, in which the Dodgers scored for the third consecutive game. Andre Ethier had a one-out RBI single on which Manny Ramirez went from first to third, so Ramirez was able to score on James Loney's groundout to second. Shortstop Josh Wilson's throwing error allowed a third run to score.

That was it for the Dodgers, who then relied on pitching. Weaver had to work out of repeated jams, having allowed hits to the leadoff hitter in the first three innings. The D-backs went 0-for-11 with runners in scoring position.

"He said he didn't do a good job with the leadoff hitters, but that's pretty much why we felt good about sending him out there," said Torre, who replaced rookie James McDonald with Weaver. "He's done this. He's never been one to rattle."

But Weaver said he appreciated the historical significance of the record win.

"I'm happy for the team -- 12-0 and I hope we get 13," he said. "You never know exactly how the road is going to turn. I'm fortunate to be part of something like this, it's really special. I'd like to stick around and keep it rolling and get the team to the postseason."

Torre received four scoreless innings from his bullpen, using four relievers. Ramon Troncoso ran his scoreless innings streak to 14 1/3 with 1 2/3 innings; Will Ohman got a key out by retiring Chad Tracy to end the seventh inning; Ronald Belisario struck out the side in the eighth and Jonathan Broxton fanned a pair in a scoreless ninth inning for his eighth save.

Ken Gurnick is a reporter for This story was not subject to the approval of Major League Baseball or its clubs.

I wonder what sort of drugs Joe Torre is on to say that Jeff Weaver never gets rattled on the mound. Man, South California is really doing good for Mr. Torre. But, in conclusion, a) haahhahahhahahha Jackie Robinson guided me to the ball because Jackie Robinson loves Jeff Weaver's fire (ie: anger). When did Jackie Robinson become Rickey Henderson, I will never know... /joke no one will get. b) Jeff Weaver is the biggest dork in the world and I think I love it.
I never got to see Jim Kaat play baseball, but, he was one of my favorite Yankees announcers for a long time (well, when you're other option is Michael Kay .... ...) and he always seemed like such a nice man (it's probably just the Midwest accent that lulls me into a sense of security).

Well, he's back in the MLB with a blog and here:
This season is going to be the most unusual one for me in 23 years. As many of you know from the articles written, and announcements over the YES network and on this website, my beloved wife, MaryAnn, passed away in July after a spirited battle with bladder cancer. My life has obviously changed. When I met her in 1986, it changed tremendously for the better, and it is changed forever now with her no longer a part of my daily life.

I have been encouraged by many friends and fans to 'get back in the game' in some way, and many of you wrote me the most touching e-mails upon my retirement after the 2006 season. They still bring tears to my eyes when I read them. I never dreamed that I would be so well accepted and appreciated by the fans of YES and the Yankees.

As a result of your support and encouragement, I'm writing to say I am going to be involved in baseball again, both in the booth and through the YES website. Recently, I announced six games on MLB international covering the World Baseball Classic in San Juan, Puerto Rico. And I just signed with the new MLB Network, the 24-hour 'all baseball' channel to cover several games and make studio appearances.

I will have a special thrill at the home opener at the new Yankee stadium. I have been invited by the Yankees to be part of the pre-game ceremonies and then announce the game on TV with Bob Costas and Harold Reynolds. On the YES Network, we are planning a live chat where I hope to be 'chatting' with many of you soon during one of the Yankee games.

The game I came to love, starting in 1945, has changed dramatically over the years -- some for the better, some for the worse. I endeavor to bring a perspective to the game that will be respectful of how wonderful a game it is and be honest and objective about things that aren't right. I have never been shy about voicing my opinion. I believe it has been my job as an analyst to do that.

One of the main reasons I am motivated to go back into baseball is to honor and keep the memory of MaryAnn alive. A few years ago my hometown, Zeeland, Michigan, erected a little league ballpark and named it after me. It was quite a humbling honor and MaryAnn knew this was more important to me than being elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. The Jim Kaat Ballpark has three state-of-the-art fields kept in immaculate playing condition. Because she shared my feelings, I made a promise to her the day before she died to establish a fund to raise money to erect lights on those fields. As MaryAnn lit up my life for 22 years, I want to light the fields so the youth of Zeeland can play more games when the sun goes down.

Giving back to the game that has been very good to me over the past 50 years is the main reason I'm considering getting back into baseball. I live a very comfortable life down here in South Florida and it would be easy to sit back and do nothing. But, with the help of my best friend, Elizabeth Schumacher, who has also become my business manager and agent, I have been energized to do something worthwhile with my life. She has motivated me and assisted me in things I didn't think in my wildest imagination I would want to do.

By talking baseball and sharing my thoughts and experiences from the past 50-plus years, I hope to reconnect with many of you and enhance your enjoyment of this great game that has given me such a wonderful life. At the same time, I want to assist MLB in promoting the game to young people world wide. Together we can encourage and build opportunities for more kids to play and enjoy baseball.

I hope you'll let me back in to your 'baseball world' and we can start up again where we left off after 2006. Check out my new website,, where you can sign up to receive my blogs, see photos, view my calendar of events and more.

Thanks for your support and I hope your team does well this season!

For those of you wishing to donate to erect lights on the baseball fields of the Jim Kaat Ballpark, please visit the website, MaryAnn Kaat Memorial Fund. All donations over $10 will receive an autographed photo of Jim Kaat. Thank you, in advance, for your kind contribution.
RIP Dom Deluise =/

Finally, to make up for all the sadness in this post:
Chubby Mideastern white tourist: Hey! Is this Houston Street?
Thug: I've had enough of you tourists! One more of this Hooostin Street shit and I'mma bust a cap in yo Midwestern fat asses!
Husband of Mideastern white tourist: I'm guessing it is.

--Houston Street
White girl to boyfriend: I want to go to my father's country one day...I want to go where my father was born...Hades.
Boyfriend: Where?
White girl: Hades, I wanna go to Hades where my father was know, that little island in the Dominican Republic?


Edit: 1:09 - Mississippi Burning done.
ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP)
Jered Weaver reached down to the mound with his finger and etched Nick Adenhart's initials in the dirt.

Then it was time to pitch.

So Weaver did the best he could to gather his emotions, striking out eight in a strong season debut that served as a tribute to his friend and rookie teammate.

Weaver and the grief-stricken Los Angeles Angels, still mourning Adenhart's shocking death, returned to baseball Friday night with a 6-3 victory over the Boston Red Sox.

"It was one of the toughest I've had to get through," said Weaver, who allowed only an unearned run in 6 2-3 innings. "It still really hasn't hit home yet. I shed a couple tears before I went over there."

Weaver usually traces his grandparents' initials on the mound before every start. This time, he honored Adenhart.

"He's never going to be forgotten," Weaver said.

The right-hander tipped his cap as he left to a standing ovation after facing two batters in the seventh.

Nearing the dugout, he pointed his right index finger to the sky.

"You know he's looking down on you," said Weaver, who grew close to Adenhart during spring training and had planned to room with him in Long Beach starting Easter Sunday. "He's going to help us battle through the season."

cut for pictures )
The most depressing thing in the world is seeing Scott Boras, Satan Jr. himself, crying hysterically at a press conference.

I can't even say I know who the kid is, because summer was going to be my time with MLB TV and every Angel or Dodgers game I could catch. But, to die at age 22 less than 24 hours after you won you're 4th major league game because of a drunk driver is absolutely horrible. And two other people died as well in his car. Horrible. Bruce Beck, my sportscaster whenever Len is off for Jewish holidays/Fridays, got really emotional talking about it because he was saying his son is the same age and it makes you really stop and think. What it really makes me stop and think that people are so fucking stupid that they think that driving while drunk is ... nothing. I may have laughed (and made jokes about Joba's ethnicity) at Joba last year, but, I was also concerned with the thought that that may not have been his first time.
The death of a promising pitcher left the Angels organization in mourning. The team announced that tonight's game with the Oakland Athletics had been postponed.

[....] Adenhart's Angels jersey, with his name and No. 34 on the back, was draped over the dais at the news conference, where Scott Boras, Adenhart's agent, was overcome by emotion.

"Nick's parents, Jim and Janet, wanted me to convey to the entire Angel organization the privilege and . . ." Then he stopped. The tears came out. His head dropped into his hands. "He's a great kid," Boras said.
Edit @ 8:43: This week's sexual comings on to Sweets: I believe you have mojo, don't listen to ZZ Top.
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I love David Clarkson. For those of you who don't know, Clarkson is a forward for the Devils. The first thing I noticed about Clarkson (besides his eyes.... what?! at least it wasn't "his nose") was how much he looks and acts like Scott Stevens. Both are/were very powerful, with a lot of fighting, but enough decent skills that if they felt like it, they could totally score a goal (they'd just rather b-be-aggressive!) and both were from the same area in Canada. Because I notice such things because I think it's important. Turns out, he was more of a Brendan Shanahan fan growing up, but, whatever.

Anyway. The biggest and bestest and greatest reason I love Brendan Shanahan David Clarkson is because of this Q&A:
What music groups do you enjoy listening to in your spare time?

Middletown, N.J.

David Clarkson: Guys bug me about it, but I was brought up on Rod Stewart because my dad was born in Scotland. So Rod Stewart, The Proclaimers... but I listen to everything. I'm a fan of Coldplay, too.'
He doesn't know it, but, we need to get married. Pronto. I mean, it's hard enough finding people in my age range who even know who Rod Stewart is, let alone be a man and admit to enjoying his music! (note: I blame my mother for Rod Stewart all the time)

Oh, and I forgot to mention, ha. The original reason I first started paying attention to Clarkson besides his aggressive style (for a rookie at the time) was because he is the splitting image of Jason Arnott. And, dear god, what I wouldn't do to that man[that link is probably NSFW].

pictures of David Clarkson (dont worry unlike most of the men I like, other people actually find him attractive besides me) )

In the Way That England and Ireland Are Pretty Much Alike

Well, technically I live in New Jersey.
British guy: Is that like in New York?
Woman: Pretty much, yeah.

Congrats to Indy wrestlers and newlyweds Allison Danger and Ares who welcomed Kendall Grace into the world over the weekend. The baby girl weighed in at 9 lbs 3 oz. and was 21 inches long. Mother and baby are doing fine.
LOL Sometimes I hate Hockey on NBC, sometimes they bring me groaning hockey players micced up. I mean, what? I love that not a single one of them want to go on record and say they want to fire Tom Renney, the Rangers guy. Listen. I'm a Devils fan, I'm used to our guys being fired for sneezing the wrong way on Lou Lamoriello's fancy suits and getting fired in a blink of an eye. Sometimes it worked badly for us, sometimes it worked pretty damn good.

Also, not a single announcer has pointed out that one of the reasons the Rangers are probably looking "interested" now that the Rangers are up 5-2, was because Petr Prucha got an assist for the goal. Prucha, who Renney's been keeping on the bench for no good reason. Idiots, all of youse.

I spent last night uploading all my hockey pictures to my secret folders online and I spent a good amount of time organazing my Gomez folder. God, it still hurts like the icon says. When I was cleaning my room(s) this week, I found two different Gomez-as-a-Devil things that I never got around to hanging up. And I totally won't be able to either hide them or get rid of them. Because it's only 6 more years until his Rangers contract is up, you know. Not like I'm counting. And to prove that there was a reason I love him -- some little kid got hit in the face with a puck during the game. And Gomez was standing up and watching from the bench, one of the few players . <3. < / 3.

Now to feel better, Petr Sykora has a big skate picture. Oh yes. One day I'm going to post all the pictures of my pretty Czechs (and the Russians, Canadians or Slovaks who love them) .... one day.

In Friends News:

[ profile] beunydd (or as I call her in my journal or in IMs; Batista Lady); had this post. Even though it's public, I'll just say what it says: The book that she's been working on for what feels like a zillion years is going to be published July o' 2009. And like I told her, it'll be the first book I buy wholesale, lololol. But, yes. I am quite proud of her and you should be too.

Speaking of, because of that [ profile] cobrasnaps is finally listening to me and is going to start her shit and try and get it published. And one of those things might involve going to New Orleans, and you can bet your sweet, sweet ass that I offered my services. I miss New Orleans so much. Plus, her movie script is heavily involved in historical background. So. Yes. So many things I love + making sure Trin doesn't die.

I learned a wonderful thing about Bobby Holik, speaking of sexy Czechs, apparently according to Bill Guerin, Holik was his worst roommate ever.
"We roomed together for one night. I don't know if he has changed his ways, but back then, he didn't sleep. All he did was read the paper, so all I could hear all night was the newspaper rattling around. He didn't let me turn the lights off in the room. It was horrible. Thankfully, I put an end to it and moved out after one night."
Mmmm now it's time for Devils vs. San Jose. Annnd I figured out why I couldn't buy myself tickets to the game. Lemieux is playing for SJ now. Hahahahhaha. Elias was talking to Lemieux during the face-off, hahahhahahah, oh Elias. <3.
but, while I'm dying of "being stuck in my bedroom-itis" and inbetween cleaning in order to get ready for [ profile] cobrasnaps showing up at my house on Saturday night ... I'm going through a couple blank tapes to see wtf is on them.

I just found a tape I didn't realize even got taped. While I'm still angry at the WWE (and in fact, didn't watch this weeks SD because of my displeasure), on this random tape, I found Victoria's last match. And even though it's super damn fuzzy because I think Cousin Jan taped it for me because I was in Nashville at the time and mom sucks at VCR stuff .... I am so thrilled and excited because I didn't think anyone taped it for me.

Oh Victoria. From being slammed into tables as one of Godfather's ho's to having your last match be between Undertaker's skank, Iiiii will always love you.

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