so I'm not really a hockey stats guy (and let's be honest. I only really give a fuck about pitching stats in baseball. The rest? Ehhhhhh). But. Holy shit at this:
Johan Hedberg blanked the Senators in Ottawa Tuesday, becoming the first Devils goalie other than Martin Brodeur (12) to record four shutouts in a season, this in just 26 appearances. Hedberg also tied Chris Terreri for second place in all-time Devils shutouts with seven, behind Brodeur’s 118. ...
Think about that. Moose and some other dude are tied for #2. with 7 shutouts.

Martin fucking Brodeur? as #1? Has 118 shutouts.

Craaaaaaaaazzzzzy fucking shit.

Oh and the fact that this is Moose's first season of having 4 shutouts. Whereas this is, you know, just like Marty Brodeur's 12th fucking season of having 4(+) shutouts.


I mean, I take Marty for granted as a man and as a goalie and as a leader. And much like how I took Stevens, Daneyko & Brylin for granted (Sergei should've been our #3 number retired, but I will never say no to Scott Neidermayer) there will come a day when I am screaming at a shitty rookie goalie (just like I scream at our shitty rookie d-man (boy) Adam Larsson) and I will think back and say I am sorry to the memory of Marty all those times I complained that he got in the way of my camera when I was trying to take pictures of someone else.

This has been your random 2 AM "RAVENSGURL211 Also Thought She Saw A Ghost So Now She's Back Online When She Should Be Asleep But Is Now Terrified, So Let's Talk About Hockey" hockey update! (tm?)
(if you see this a lot, Semagic is being a bitch)

Though I wouldn't mind it just being about my hate for Atlanta.

So. Let's see. Things I loved tonight with the 24-hours of Yankee coverage it seems on YES and/or ESPN:

- Yogi Berra & Whitey Ford telling stories in the broadcast booth. I told my mom to come pick me up from papa's because ESPN's announcers were/are shit and I couldn't take it anymore, I'd rather run home to Suzy's smokers voice (and that's saying a lot). But, Yogi and Whitey together were amazing.

- David Cone and A TAN AND NICE LOOKING Boomer Wells talking nonstop to each other. More BFFEs.

- Johnny Damon not realizing they called him for the lineup and someone having to go into the dugout to find him.

- Joba being RIGHT THERE for the pre-show things and just WATCHING all the legends.

- Pettite, no matter how shitty he's been this year, getting the final start, Mo getting the final close. Awesome.

- Paul O'Neill being the first player to go into the crowd with the bleacher creatures.

- ESPN being awesome when they literally showed the Bleacher's roll-call and Joe "Imma Idiot" Morgan, talking about it to the people at home and not mentioning the last part. And then the cut to the "game" for the last part. AKA: When the chat turns into a big FUCK YOU to the boxed seats <333333.

- Bernie Williams. Like. Bernie Williams. Okay, I have to say more than that. He is one of my favorites, one of my crushes, I thought it was shit what they did to him in his last year (for one thing, they should've had him retired the year before). And then the almost crying. And the pointing to his heart. And MY heart breaking.

- oh cap'n, my cap'n. Derek played hurt. I don't mention it enough but, I love Derek Jeter.

- I can't wait to see the random Yankees parade on the field on my tape. It sounds amazing on the radio.

- Mussina gets his peons to steal dirt for him. God, I love him.

- "Yeah, everyone wants to stick around for awhile. It says so much about the fans here..." - Derek Jeter on the radio.

- Oh God. Mussina just told me that he's been here for 8 years. I can't believe it.

- Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. They are playing "Goodnight Sweetheart" awww.

- Joba's stealing dirt. And and and supposedly his hands are shaking. I want to give him a hug.

- [ profile] madlikerya: Derek with tears in his eyes! his circuits are gonna short if he isnt careful about that shit.

- "Thank god for them (the fans)" - Mo.

- Posada, Tino, Derek and Mo took pictures of all four of them together wtih their own cameras so they could have pictures. Aw. My heart.

- Brian Cashman is being talked to too. He said that Tino was at the game yesterday with his family in-cognito in the stands to see a game that way <3.

[Yogi] Berra, a 10-time champion often considered the greatest living Yankee, didn’t really need any more souvenirs—although he said he wouldn’t mind leaving with the final home plate of the ballpark he loved.

“I hate to see it go,” he said. “It will always be in my heart.”


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