Nov. 4th, 2008 11:24 pm
Jesse Jackson was shown crying. And not like a little bit of tears either.

I just turned on the TV (I refused to watch it for hours) and hahahahah NBC has had Tavis Smiley on? WTF! hahahaha. Ahhh. Man.

Tavis: "My prayer for Barack Obama is his soul. That he doesn't lose it, that he doesn't sell it..."

HAHAHHAHAH. Pat Battle's been at a house party in Teaneck all night. That is fucking awesome, I want to have a house party and have her there. <333.

Sue Simmons is talking about her parents. And how her dad (a black Jazz musician) was thrown into jail in Chicago for holding hands with her (white) mom. And now Obama is going to address the audience in Chicago. Those of us who stalk Sue Simmons, can tell that she was pretty close to tears while telling the story. And I'm sure she's going to punch the shit out of Chuck for making her say it once the cameras are off.

They are talking to Cory Booker now! Fuck yeah! Cory, are you going to talk about the shootings in Newark though? Or is this just going to be a good night? Ah. He did mention it. Good.

eeee Luke Russell. My heart. My heart, she hurts over this, you know? Tim missed it all (or he's watching it all from heaven).

Oh. My. Goodness. I hate Brian Williams, I think most of you know. But. He just made me LOLOLOLOL because he told Luke that he knows he's been text messaging his girlfriend all night and embarrassed him on national TV and Luke just had a "I will murder you" face and hehe. <3.

Brian Williams signed off at 3 AM with a "we've been thinking about you all night, Timmy" and my heart is back to hurting.

Now I'm watching the MSNBC coverage because I don't get cable, LOL. Anyway, they had to bring in a black guy to explain WHY VA turning blue was such a "HO-LY FUCK" thing. Goodness, is there no one on any of these fucking stations with any sort of knowledge about American history? Jesus.
Hey? Do you remember when I could go through a whole day without having to take a nap in the middle of it? Yeah, me too....

[ profile] ravensgurl211: In 1666, Newark was established by Puritans from Connecticut.
[ profile] cobrasnaps: ...
[ profile] cobrasnaps: And, that's all you gotta say.

Speaking of, I've been pretty good with not mocking the hell out of Corzine. I'm glad to see that most of the newscasters have been doing my job instead. I might actually watch Letterman tonight if I remember to see what he says. I know I got a billion jokes. But, seriously, my hate aside, I'm pretty pleased that apparently those write-in votes actually do work sometimes, LMMFAO, because look! My vote-in vote from the last election is now the substitute governer again. Cody should've just ran for office, lol. Oh, and that crash did look horrible and it's one of the many reasons why I hate NJ highways, but ehhh. At least *I* already always wore my seatbelt, even before Dan died.

MINNEAPOLIS -- Mariano Rivera is the only player in the major leagues with the No. 42.

That number was retired in 1997 in honor of Jackie Robinson, but players who already had the number were allowed to keep wearing it. Rivera is the only one left. This Sunday, he will have plenty of company as Major League Baseball is allowing any player, coach or manager who wishes to wear 42 to do so. The Yankees announced yesterday that manager Joe Torre, Derek Jeter and Robinson Cano will honor Robinson by wearing his number.

Jeter called it "an easy decision" to don Robinson's number, and also said: "If there's one player I could play with or talk to, it'd be Jackie Robinson."

Rivera said he thinks this is a great idea. He actually wishes MLB would go farther and have everyone wear 42 for one day.

"I wear it with honor," Rivera said. "I wear it with pride."

Cano is particularly tickled to wear 42. He is named for Robinson, his father Jose's favorite player.

"We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him," said Cano, gesturing around the clubhouse.

Thanks to [ profile] luckystar37, I am now in love with this band. Soon, once I have time (I'm shooting for Sunday afternoon), so will all of you.

And even though I don't like talking about the sport during the playoffs (and on Friday the 13th at that!) a verrrry happy birthday to my sexy cheese eatin' hair dyin' almost died three years ago Czech, Patrik Elias.

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