Apr. 22nd, 2010

So, the Devils are down 3-0 to the Flyers going into the 3rd (and final) period. If they don't score 4 goals (or 3 goals and then a shootout goal/s) they are gone for the year, no more Stanley Cup run. And what commerical does MSG play? The NHL one about the Avs winning the Cup in 2001 with Joe Sakic. Now, my personal feelings of hate for that series and for that team aside -- do you know how they beat to win that Cup? The New Jersey Devils.

Whhhhhhhhhhy the fuck would you put that particular NHL Stanley Cup commerical?!?! Ugh. Sometimes I hate how little about hockey people seem to know, even on the local "hockey" channel (what else is MSG known for besides music? It's hockey and music).

a new but cranky customer.

PS: I miss listening to hockey on the radio, even when it doesn't come in very good, even though I'm less then 20 miles away from where the radio waves are.

Hahahhahah the best thing of all of this was the coach.

"I can not talk to players when angry. I need to sleep. *stands up, leans into the microphone* I need a nap. *leaves*"

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