so I'm not really a hockey stats guy (and let's be honest. I only really give a fuck about pitching stats in baseball. The rest? Ehhhhhh). But. Holy shit at this:
Johan Hedberg blanked the Senators in Ottawa Tuesday, becoming the first Devils goalie other than Martin Brodeur (12) to record four shutouts in a season, this in just 26 appearances. Hedberg also tied Chris Terreri for second place in all-time Devils shutouts with seven, behind Brodeur’s 118. ...
Think about that. Moose and some other dude are tied for #2. with 7 shutouts.

Martin fucking Brodeur? as #1? Has 118 shutouts.

Craaaaaaaaazzzzzy fucking shit.

Oh and the fact that this is Moose's first season of having 4 shutouts. Whereas this is, you know, just like Marty Brodeur's 12th fucking season of having 4(+) shutouts.


I mean, I take Marty for granted as a man and as a goalie and as a leader. And much like how I took Stevens, Daneyko & Brylin for granted (Sergei should've been our #3 number retired, but I will never say no to Scott Neidermayer) there will come a day when I am screaming at a shitty rookie goalie (just like I scream at our shitty rookie d-man (boy) Adam Larsson) and I will think back and say I am sorry to the memory of Marty all those times I complained that he got in the way of my camera when I was trying to take pictures of someone else.

This has been your random 2 AM "RAVENSGURL211 Also Thought She Saw A Ghost So Now She's Back Online When She Should Be Asleep But Is Now Terrified, So Let's Talk About Hockey" hockey update! (tm?)
So, the Devils are down 3-0 to the Flyers going into the 3rd (and final) period. If they don't score 4 goals (or 3 goals and then a shootout goal/s) they are gone for the year, no more Stanley Cup run. And what commerical does MSG play? The NHL one about the Avs winning the Cup in 2001 with Joe Sakic. Now, my personal feelings of hate for that series and for that team aside -- do you know how they beat to win that Cup? The New Jersey Devils.

Whhhhhhhhhhy the fuck would you put that particular NHL Stanley Cup commerical?!?! Ugh. Sometimes I hate how little about hockey people seem to know, even on the local "hockey" channel (what else is MSG known for besides music? It's hockey and music).

a new but cranky customer.

PS: I miss listening to hockey on the radio, even when it doesn't come in very good, even though I'm less then 20 miles away from where the radio waves are.

Hahahhahah the best thing of all of this was the coach.

"I can not talk to players when angry. I need to sleep. *stands up, leans into the microphone* I need a nap. *leaves*"
LOL Sometimes I hate Hockey on NBC, sometimes they bring me groaning hockey players micced up. I mean, what? I love that not a single one of them want to go on record and say they want to fire Tom Renney, the Rangers guy. Listen. I'm a Devils fan, I'm used to our guys being fired for sneezing the wrong way on Lou Lamoriello's fancy suits and getting fired in a blink of an eye. Sometimes it worked badly for us, sometimes it worked pretty damn good.

Also, not a single announcer has pointed out that one of the reasons the Rangers are probably looking "interested" now that the Rangers are up 5-2, was because Petr Prucha got an assist for the goal. Prucha, who Renney's been keeping on the bench for no good reason. Idiots, all of youse.

I spent last night uploading all my hockey pictures to my secret folders online and I spent a good amount of time organazing my Gomez folder. God, it still hurts like the icon says. When I was cleaning my room(s) this week, I found two different Gomez-as-a-Devil things that I never got around to hanging up. And I totally won't be able to either hide them or get rid of them. Because it's only 6 more years until his Rangers contract is up, you know. Not like I'm counting. And to prove that there was a reason I love him -- some little kid got hit in the face with a puck during the game. And Gomez was standing up and watching from the bench, one of the few players . <3. < / 3.

Now to feel better, Petr Sykora has a big skate picture. Oh yes. One day I'm going to post all the pictures of my pretty Czechs (and the Russians, Canadians or Slovaks who love them) .... one day.

In Friends News:

[ profile] beunydd (or as I call her in my journal or in IMs; Batista Lady); had this post. Even though it's public, I'll just say what it says: The book that she's been working on for what feels like a zillion years is going to be published July o' 2009. And like I told her, it'll be the first book I buy wholesale, lololol. But, yes. I am quite proud of her and you should be too.

Speaking of, because of that [ profile] cobrasnaps is finally listening to me and is going to start her shit and try and get it published. And one of those things might involve going to New Orleans, and you can bet your sweet, sweet ass that I offered my services. I miss New Orleans so much. Plus, her movie script is heavily involved in historical background. So. Yes. So many things I love + making sure Trin doesn't die.

I learned a wonderful thing about Bobby Holik, speaking of sexy Czechs, apparently according to Bill Guerin, Holik was his worst roommate ever.
"We roomed together for one night. I don't know if he has changed his ways, but back then, he didn't sleep. All he did was read the paper, so all I could hear all night was the newspaper rattling around. He didn't let me turn the lights off in the room. It was horrible. Thankfully, I put an end to it and moved out after one night."
Mmmm now it's time for Devils vs. San Jose. Annnd I figured out why I couldn't buy myself tickets to the game. Lemieux is playing for SJ now. Hahahahhaha. Elias was talking to Lemieux during the face-off, hahahhahahah, oh Elias. <3.

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