The Out Of Context quote of this week is brought to you by the letter T as in Trin:

Trin: i suggest also writing from the heart first
Trin: just vomit all over the cover letter
And this isn't the context, but it is similar to what I'm currently plotting; Did I tell any of you here on LJ that I emailed the Sports Legacy Institute with a general, hey I'm very interested in concussion research and stuff and are there any volunteer openings up and such? And I got an ACTUAL~! email~! from Chris Nowinski himself (saying no! but still~!)? If I didn't say that, I did now. And if I did say it, I think it bares repeating.

Anyway, I was kind of a bitch last night -- I sent a columnist from the Boston Herald a very cranky 5 AM email saying that even as a person who doesn't live in Boston, I know that the Herald is a pretty okay newspaper and that you should do some GODDAMNED FUCKING RESEARCH if you are going to be writing a baseball column. Jeff is NOT Jered Weaver. I mean it's one thing if a blog gets the two confused but this isn't a fucking blog. And then someone commented to the guy and said, hey that wasn't Jeff, that was Jared, so now the columinist still has it misspelt. I mean, come on. Even if I didn't stalk the Weaver brothers like I do, much like how I know there are two i's in Torii Hunter's name, it's just a thing, you know? Ugh.

Also, in regards to baseball, even though I think Amy is the only (other) one who would remember Phil Coke on my f-list -- but, caruso made a Phil Coke playlist that is AMAZING and just ugggh. Makes me shake my fist at Detroit for having him because he's so far away.

Dontrelle Willis, Josh Beckett, and AJ Burnett walk into a bar -- and the bar burns down )

Anyway, that's where I stopped a couple days ago. Which is cool because yesterday AJ Burnett and Josh Beckett both pitched and were awesome. Beckett came back from his "injury" (both mental and shoulder/arm related I'm sure) and AJ just finally had a good game (because I didn't watch any baseball just to give him the extra cosmic boost yesterday -- the things I do for you AJ).

Instructor: Those people outside are crazy, wearing big ol' leather boots in this kind of heat!
Student: Maybe they're from Texas?
Instructor: Nah, they looked pretty American to me.

--Beauty School, 35th & 8th

Final baseball thing; has an article about how the Mets are failures. .. .... ...... in regards to never having a no-hitter, perfect game or anything else that would be awesome for a pitcher.

The topic in the Mets' clubhouse that day was no-hitters, a topic Mets pitchers discuss from time to time without firsthand knowledge of the phenomenon. It was in the summer of 2005 when Steve Trachsel recalled the six-man no-hitter the Astros had dropped on the Yankees two years earlier. "Is that allowed?" Trachsel asked. Then he answered his own rhetorical question. "Probably not; at least not for us. I don't think we are allowed."


The Mets, born seven years earlier, were guilty of a greater transgression, turning their backs on the patron saint of the no-no; they traded Nolan Ryan. "It's the Curse of Nolie," David Cone said in 1991 after he had flirted with a Mets no-hitter. "You can't trade that man and not expect some ramifications."
So, the Devils are down 3-0 to the Flyers going into the 3rd (and final) period. If they don't score 4 goals (or 3 goals and then a shootout goal/s) they are gone for the year, no more Stanley Cup run. And what commerical does MSG play? The NHL one about the Avs winning the Cup in 2001 with Joe Sakic. Now, my personal feelings of hate for that series and for that team aside -- do you know how they beat to win that Cup? The New Jersey Devils.

Whhhhhhhhhhy the fuck would you put that particular NHL Stanley Cup commerical?!?! Ugh. Sometimes I hate how little about hockey people seem to know, even on the local "hockey" channel (what else is MSG known for besides music? It's hockey and music).

a new but cranky customer.

PS: I miss listening to hockey on the radio, even when it doesn't come in very good, even though I'm less then 20 miles away from where the radio waves are.

Hahahhahah the best thing of all of this was the coach.

"I can not talk to players when angry. I need to sleep. *stands up, leans into the microphone* I need a nap. *leaves*"
(is it sad that I know Pedro's middle name? No. It's sadder that I can't use my lone Pedro icon because it's not winter yet)
But the day wasn't a total bust thanks to Pedro Martinez. To keep from falling asleep, I kept track of the five most entertaining things the always-unpredictable hurler said in his outside voice, either to members of the media, teammates, or, most wonderfully, himself.

5. "How can I talk about the subway series when I've never taken the subway in my life?"

4. "I think everybody would starve if I cooked."

3. "I love Chipper Jones. ChipperChipperChipperrrrrrr. That's what I say when he's out there playing third, and he says, "Shut up, Pedro." I hope he hits .400, even if I have to give up a few home runs with no one on."

2. "Baseball. Wooooooo!!!"

1. "Ned Yost: Brewer for life! Ned Yost: Brewer for life!"
:::::::::NYR.Com: 5 Minutes Interview:::::::::

Question: Have you talked to any former Devils players about the experience of leaving the team and then having to face them for the first time?

Gomez: Yes. Bobby Holik is one of my best friends. Bobby was very instrumental in me coming here. I know the Rangers didn't have success when he was here, but at the same time, he says you get over the booing (in New Jersey). It's going to be weird at first, because everyone boos you and this and that, but it's just the nature of the beast. You couldn't come to a better organization, I think, than the New York Rangers. That's just the way it is.
"You shouldn't be scared to live. ... because then you really can't do what you love to do." -- Mike Piazza, drunk at 1:15 AM on Eddie Trunk's show, talking about Dimebag and how people shouldn't be scared at shows.

As we know, I dislike Mike at times, but sometimes he's really smart.

-- Here's your Aquarius horoscope for Friday, December 10th, provided by

Change is on everyone's schedule, but no one will adapt to it as quickly and easily as you will. Try to be understanding of others who aren't quite so flexible. It's really not their fault. --
ravensgurl211: (If you wear that velvet dress tonight...)
Friday, August 20, 2004
The Record - Pete Caldera:

Concern for Pettitte
Word of Andy Pettitte's impeding elbow surgery quickly reached the Yankees' clubhouse.

"I gave him a call, but he didn't answer," Jorge Posada said.

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